Mosqueta Rosehip Oil

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The Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip) is a shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family, Rosidea subfamily and genus Rosa. The scientific name is Rosa Rubiginosa or Eglanteria. It grows wild in the poor soils of the plains and mountains of low elevation in the foothills of the southern region of the Andes range, in Chile and Argentina.
It can grow over 2 m. high, the stems are thin, flexible and curved and bear hooked purplish prickles.
The plant has oval-shaped fleshy red hips (fruits), up to 2 cm. across, full of seeds, called achenes.
The achenes are very rich in ascorbic acid, vitamin A, riboflavin, niacin, malic and citric acids, sugars, and others. These fruits contain many seeds (15-20) from which is extracted a yellow oil with reddish tones.


Mosqueta Rosehip Oil

It is one of the products that have aroused more interest in the areas of cosmetics and dermatology. After observing the composition of the Mosqueta Rosehip Oil, it is hardly surprising to discover why it is one of the most powerful skin regenerators, as virtually between 70 and 80% of its constituents are polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly suitable for regenerating damaged tissue, delaying the onset of premature aging lines, preventing the formation of wrinkles and treating the skin affected by burns or exposure to radiation among others.


The pure oil contains the following active substances:

Oleic acid (10-20% - polyunsaturated fatty acid).

Cis-linoleic (41-50% - polyunsaturated fatty acid).

Alpha-linolenic acid (26-37% - polyunsaturated fatty acid).

Palmitic acid (3-5% - saturated fatty acid).

Stearic acid (1-3% - saturated fatty acid).

Trans retinoic acid

Vitamin C.




The high content of Omega-6 fatty acids, essential to the human body, gives the Mosqueta Rosehip Oil exceptional properties. In its composition stand out the linoleic acid (41%-50%) and the linolenic acid (26%-37%).

These acids are closely related to the synthesis of collagen and are very important to the chemical processes involved in tissue regeneration and cell growth, besides being essential in areas where there is a high rate of proliferation of new cells, as in the face.

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